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Irresistible Fill in the Blank Headline Ideas

Awhile back we did a segment on headlines that was so popular we’ve decided to do another. Below you’ll find 33 examples of headlines where you can simply fill in the blank, along with an example use for each.

Irresistible Fill in the Blank Headline Ideas

You might want to print this out and keep it next to your computer. Then the next time you need a headline, sub-headline or a subject line you’ll got it handy.

Your ___ Doesn’t Want You To Read This Your Banker Doesn’t Want You To Read This

What ___ Won’t Tell You Can Save You ___ On Your ___!!! What Your Banker Won’t Tell You Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Your Mortgage!!!

Why ___ Succeed In ___ And ___ Fail Why Lazy Jerks Succeed In Marketing And Nice Guys Fail

You Too Can ___ In Just ___ With ___! You Too Can Write Headlines Like A Pro In Just 2 Minutes With This Handy Cheat Sheet!

Too Busy ___ To ___? Too Busy Working A Job To Start Your Own Internet Business?

World Renowned ___ Reveals Top Secret ___ To ___ With ___ World Renowned Marketer Reveals Top Secret Surprising Ways To Generate Massive Traffic With Social Media

What ___ Don’t Tell You – You Can ___ In As Little As ___ For Only ___ What Gurus Don’t Tell You – You Can Build Your Own Online Business In As Little As 3 Days For Only $90.

These Must Be Some Of The Best Kept ___ Secrets In The World These Must Be Some Of The Best Kept Copywriting Secrets In The World

We’re Looking For ___ Who Want To ___ With ___ We’re Looking For Aspiring Marketers Who Want To Make Money With Their Own Internet Business

A ___ Without ___ A 7 Figure Business Without Employees Or An Office

___ Your Way To A ___ You Laugh Your Way To A Fitter, Skinnier You

This New ___ Can ___ While It ___! This New WordPress Plugin Can Generate Targeted, Eager Traffic While It Runs On Autopilot!

___, This Is The ___ Your ___ Doesn’t Want You To Know About! Marketers, This Is The Information Your Competition Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

7 Ways To ___ 7 Ways To Get A Brand New Car For Half Price Or Less

___ Swears Under Oath He Did Not ___ He’s ___ Local Appliance Dealer Swears Under Oath He Did Not Steal Any Of The Appliance’s He’s Selling For So Cheap

The Secret Of ___ The Secret Of Perfect Free-Throws

How To ___ More And ___ Less How To Eat More And Weigh Less

Get ___ Without ___ Get The Body You Want Without Diet Or Exercise

The People Who ___ Will End Up With Your ___ The People Who Buy This Plugin Will End Up With Your Customers

___ For ___ Available Now! Solo Ads For The Health And Wellness Niche Available Now!

___ Reveals Ways To ___ Without ___ Super Affiliate Reveals Ways To Steal Competitor’s Sales Without Getting Into Trouble

The Lazy ___ Way To ___ The Lazy Marketer’s Way To Product Creation

The Amazing New ___ Discovered By ___ The Amazing New Traffic Generating System Discovered By A Nine Year Old Kid.
The Amazing Secret Of How You Can ___ With No ___ The Amazing Secret Of How You Can Build A 100% Automated Information Business With No Experience

The 10 Quickest Ways To ___ The 10 Quickest Ways To Create Information Products

___ Got You Down? We Have The Solution. A Dead, Non-Responsive List Got You Down? We Have The Solution.

New ___ Won’t ___ Even In A ___ New Roses Won’t Get Powdery Mildew Even In A Rainforest

Need More ___? Need More Customers?

___ In ___ Or Your Money Back Your Pests Removed In 48 Hours Or Your Money Back

How To Turn ___ Into ___ In Just ___ How To Turn PLR Into Money Generating Powerhouses In Just 2 Hours

Improve Your ___ In As Little As ___ Improve Your SEO In As Little As 10 Minutes A Day

How To ___ That Will ___ How To Write Sales Copy That Will Make You Rich

How To ___ That ___ How To Write Emails That Go Viral, Sending New Traffic To Your Website

Do You Make These Mistakes ___? Do You Make These Mistakes On The Golf Course?

Discover Your Customer’s Desires Before They Want Them

“Find out what people want and sell it to them” is advice you’ll hear time and time again. Why? Because it generally works. After all, if someone wants breakfast cereal made out of toads and frogs and you’re the only one selling it, you can command your own price.

Discover Your Customer's Desires Before They Want Them

But what if there is massive competition in the toad and frog cereal niche? Then you’ve got to differentiate yourself. You’ve got to find a way to stand apart and above the others selling a very similar product.

Or you can go a different route, the way companies like Apple roll, and that’s to find out what people WILL want. You see, all of the greatest products were at one time non-existent. No one knew you could ride in cars and so they used horses and maybe buggies. Then along comes the car – something no one had seen before, and people quickly realized they wanted it. Decades later consumers didn’t know they wanted computers and the Internet. Nor did they know they wanted cell phones and then super sophisticated cell phones, but once they were introduced, people desperately wanted them.

So if you can find a want before it even exists, you’ve got no competition – at least for the first few weeks and even months.

And you can take this even one step further. It’s not just a matter of finding out what people will want, it’s also a matter of finding a way to offer it to them that takes the work out of it. Imagine if Apple sold its products as kits that had to be put together – would they sell as many phones and tablets as they do now? Doubtful.

There was a time when computers were basically sold as kits. You get the plans, you buy the parts, you put together your computer. So who had computers during this time? A relative handful of people who liked to tinker on electronics. It wasn’t until several years later when computers were sold ready-made that the market took off.

If we were looking at this as a tiered system, with each subsequent tier being preferable to the previous, then the first tier is the old standby of offering customers what they already want. The second tier is offering what they want before they even know they want it. And the third and final tier is to offer what they want before they know they want it, and take all of the work out of it for them.

Sell them the ready made solution where the only action they need to take is to make the decision to buy. Make them feel good for taking that action, like they made a real contribution to getting the solution you’re offering. In essence you’re giving them the satisfied feeling that they really accomplished something important when they hit that order button. But in fact YOU are doing the actual, real work, whatever that might be.

If you’re offering a revolutionary new WP theme, install it for them. If you’re offering a complete business solution, set the whole thing up for them. If you’re offering an irrigation system or an automobile makeover or even an exercise program, make them feel that all they have to do is make the decision. That’s it. Then you will do the rest.

Now of course you and I know that in many cases, they will have to do work. But that’s not something they want to think about during the sales process. In the example of the exercise program, all they have to do is show up and then you will guide them step-by-step. They don’t have to think about a thing, they just follow along. You’re making it appear as though you do the work, when in reality they are the ones actually working.

Is this deceptive? Not in the slightest. If you say you will build them a website and then you send them instructions on how to do it themselves, then of course that would be deceptive. But if you build the site for them and then they have to update it themselves, or if you show them exactly how to exercise but they have to actually move their own bodies, you truly are taking the lion’s share of the work of thinking out of it for them.

In the sales process when you are romancing the customer, it’s okay to make them feel 10 feet tall for simply “taking action.” And it’s also a very smart move to continue to congratulate them for their wise decision, since this will make for happy customers who don’t cancel.

Find out what people want, or better still, what they WILL want, and then remove the work as much as you can and you will have a winning business model.

The Path to Success is Through the Heart

When doing the business of marketing we tend to get wrapped up in features, benefits, open and conversion rates, etc. We lose sight of who we’re talking to – people. Real people. People who feel, who hurt, who laugh, who are afraid, who triumph, who fail, who love. People.

The Path to Success is Through the Heart

It’s when you touch your customers hearts that you really get through and make an impact. That’s when you make the connection. That’s when you’re no longer an unwanted intrusion on their day, but rather a welcome friend they invite into their home.

I was reminded of this when I watched this TED Talk video featuring Frank Warren, the postcard secret guy. This is the fellow who receives real paper postcards from all over the world, each containing a secret. He publishes these postcards on his blog and in books.

He hasn’t chosen to place advertising on his blog, but if he ever does, he could generate a significant income effortlessly. Do you know why? Because people come back to his blog time and time again. They come back because those postcards touch their hearts.

And from a content creation point of view, Frank is a genius. All of his content is created by others. He simply scans it and posts it. Nice. So there’s another idea for you – in addition to touching hearts, find a way to get your users to create your content for you.

I highly recommend you watch this video. It’s only 11 minutes long but it will give you insights on what your customers really want, regardless of what niche you might think you’re in. Because no matter what your product or service might be, when it’s all boiled down to it’s essence you’ll realize that you are really and truly in the “people” business.

#1 Shortcut to Online Business Success

As a new marketer, or a marketer who is not yet earning 6 figures, building a business can be slow going. You’ve got to write lots of articles and blog posts, do SEO, write a weekly newsletter, participate in 2-5 social media venues a day, network at events, etc. And all of this is just to get your business off the ground.

#1 Shortcut to Online Business Success

There is a major shortcut to success that bypasses all of this time and effort, and it’s doing joint ventures. A joint venture is you and your partner sharing resources for mutual benefit. A typical joint venture is simply, “You promote my program and I’ll promote your program.” Using nothing but joint ventures, you can grow your business so much faster than by doing all of those other things we’re told to do. JV’s are a massive, MASSIVE shortcut to success.

But when you’re new and you still don’t have a very large list of your own, big JV players will seldom even talk to you, much less do a JV with you which is a real shame. These potential JV partners have already done all those things we listed to build their good name and their lists. If you could simply get your offer in front of their list, you would be golden.

But there is a way to get potential JV partners to pay attention to you, even if you do not yet have a list. Are you ready for this? No, it’s not sending them FedEx packages or calling them on the phone or promising to clean their house for a month if they’ll just mail for you. Instead, the secret to getting JV partners when you don’t have a list of your own is to:

Have a BIG idea, or a unique vision that gets them fired up. Everyone, including potential JV partners, want to be part of something BIGGER than themselves.

Your big idea is going to depend upon your niche. If you’re gardening, maybe it’s to raise money for community gardens or to send seed to countries in need. If your niche is weightloss, maybe it’s a challenge to get 10,000 of America’s office workers to lose 500,000 pounds. (That’s 50 pounds each, so target accordingly.) If your niche is teaching music, maybe it’s to fund an inner city program.

The point is to have a BIG IDEA and then get as many JV partners onboard as possible. There’s a tipping point effect involved in this – once you get a few prominent names in your niche, others will quickly sign up because of the star power of those first comers. Movies are cast like this, too. Once a star comes on board a movie, EVERYONE wants to be in that movie.

And by the way, this is also the secret to motivating yourself. I’ve noticed that sometimes earning an extra $___ a month isn’t enough to motivate some would-be marketers, but having a really big goal that helps others gets them fired up and moving.

So it’s a 2 for 1. Get a big goal and you’ll not only find that JV partners want to join you – you’ll also discover that you have more motivation and energy for the project.

And there’s another lesson in this – just because something doesn’t seem to work doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Just because the established marketers in your niche seem adverse to doing JV’s with newcomers doesn’t mean you throw in the towel and go home. Instead, you persevere and you find another way. And getting a big BIG idea that gets people fired up is that other way.

So make yourself a list of possible big ideas. Keep the question simmering in the back of your brain for the next few days – what would be so big it will get you and your future JV partners fired up? The answer will come when you least suspect it – quite possibly as you’re driving, showering or falling asleep. When the answers come, write them down.

Then, when the timing is right, take massive action and put your BIG IDEA in motion. 😀

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