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How Deceptive Marketing Increases Sales

Okay, I’m not going to pass judgement – good or bad, on what I’m about to reveal.

How Deceptive Marketing Increases Sales

Some would say this is 100% ethical, and I won’t argue. Others will say something that involves cuss words, and I won’t argue with that, either.

I would just like to point something out, and whether you use this information for your own protection or to increase your own sales is up to you.

Fair enough?

I was sent an email claiming that this person wanted to make my sales for me. In fact, the exact words were, “You will make sales for doing nothing, guaranteed!”

Yeah. Uh-huh.

So, I read the email (mostly for laughs, but… you know) and clicked the link.

Mind you, the person who sent this is no slouch. He’s been around. He’s probably made a boatload of money. And I’m sure this promotion alone is making him another boatload of money. But I digress.

I was sent to a page with a recording from a webinar (which I did not watch.) Beneath the webinar replay, after the usual, “We’ve already sold 15 and there are only 5 left” comments, it said:

“We’ll promote Bob’s top selling product for 7 days to our 200,000 subscribers using your affiliate link.”

“We will send at least 3 broadcast emails per day for 7 days using YOUR affiliate link promoting Bob’s best selling product. You will receive 100% of all sales made through your link.”

Ugghhh. Whenever I read something like this, I always think that if there’s sales to be made, then they sure as heck won’t be using someone else’s affiliate link to make the sales.

This emailing they want to do is a bonus for buying the product in the webinar. And I’m sure it’s an expensive product.

Let’s see… if they send out my affiliate link 3 times a day for 7 days to 200,000 subscribers, that’s a possible 4,200,000 exposures of my affiliate link to their readers. Right?


Here’s where you need to read the fine print. Or in this case, the print that’s found way… Way… WAY… down at the bottom of the page.

Oh-oh, what’s this??

“Your affiliate link will be put in a rotation system with a maximum of 20 links for the entire 21 email campaign over the full week to our 200,000 subscribers, promoting your link.”

Forget the 4,200,000 exposures of your affiliate link. We’re now back to 210,000 exposures.

Big difference, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve no doubt they will make sales (of whatever is being promoted on the webinar) to people who think they’re going to have their link promoted 3 times a day for 7 days to 200,000 subscribers.

And yes, they did come clean later on the page. Is it deceptive? Like I said, I’m not judging, just providing information.

One last thing… do you think they’ll be sending out 3 emails per DAY promoting the same product for SEVEN days to their best, most active subscribers?

Or let me put it this way… would you?

Or would you send the emails out to the ‘dead wood’ on your list – those subscribers who haven’t opened an email in six months or a year?

I don’t know who they’re sending the emails to – yes, it could very well be their hottest, best subscribers.

And yes, they could have inadvertently ‘forgotten’ to let customers know up front that they would only be receiving 210,000 mailouts, not the 4,200,000 it’s made to look like. But it sure does make you wonder.

In my view, it’s best to be honest and up front. Tell your visitors what you’re going to give them, and what they can expect, and then deliver. In fact, over-deliver. Do this, and you’ll do just fine building a business online and anywhere else you setup shop.

Case Study: $12,000 a Month Giving Almost Everything Away

This is a great approach for someone who is new in their niche and wants to build a reputation and list while still making really good money.

Case Study: $12,000 a Month Giving Almost Everything Away

I met this guy who is fairly new to the internet marketing realm. He’s no expert or guru and yet he’s making about $12,000 a month from the start.

He realized that it’s a lot easier to sell a $1,000 product one time than to sell a $10 product 100 times. For one thing, the customer service for one person versus 100 people is like night and day. For another thing, it’s so easy to give stuff away rather than sell it. He’s sort of sneaking under people’s radar with this method.

He runs promotions, free WSO’s, advertises on Facebook, has a Facebook Group and so forth. And on all of these platforms, he’s giving away his stuff.

People opt in to his list just like you would expect, and then they’re presented with an upsell, again just like you would expect.

Except… here’s where it’s different – he even gives away his upsell.

I know, how crazy is that?

Then he gives his list tons of stuff for free, too. His subscribers open his emails (his open rate is INSANE) because they know he’s always giving them awesome content FOR FREE.

This builds trust like you would not believe. His list isn’t all that big yet, but it doesn’t matter because his subscribers LOVE him.

Then once a month he opens a limited number of slots to work directly with him on a one-to-one basis at different levels.

He offers email coaching, personal coaching over Skype once a week, and even a higher level of coaching. His prices run from about $250 to $3,000, depending on the package.

Like I said, this guy is new to the internet marketing realm – he just started about a year ago… Yet he’s bringing in about $12,000 a month with this model.

He never promotes affiliate products, only his own stuff. And he gives away everything but the expensive products.

What a great business model!

How to Increase Your Profits Right Now

Dan Kennedy tells the story of one of his clients who ran an introduction agency for divorced American men to meet foreign brides. (This was during the pre-internet days.)
How to Increase Your Profits Right Now
Dan persuaded his client to raise his price from $395 to $3,995. (Not a typo – he multiplied his price by 10.)
Would you like to guess what happened to sales?
Believe it or not, they stayed THE SAME. But of course the owner made a LOT more money – ten times as much, to be exact.
Most marketers look at what their competition is charging, and they charge about the same. But what they don’t realize is their competitors probably did the same thing.
There’s a pizza place in a major city that has probably 100 competitors. Yet this pizza place outsells all of them, and does it without offering coupons or special deals, either.
How do they do it? Positioning. They claim to be a ‘gourmet’ establishment, and they charge more than any of their competitors.
Sometimes you just need to establish yourself as the premium option to set yourself apart. Other times you might need to add something to your product or service, such as personal involvement, to make it exclusive.
If you’re competing on price alone, you’re never going to do well. But if you can reposition your offer so that you can charge more – maybe even twice as much or five times as much – then you become the gold standard that people want.

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