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103 Blog Brainstorming Topics

You need to write another blog post or email and you’re stuck for ideas. It seems like you’ve already written about… EVERYTHING, and there is nothing left.

103 Blog Brainstorming Topics

That’s the time to try this list. Pick any one of the following headlines at random and fill in the blank with ten different ideas. Then choose one of those ideas and start researching and writing your new blog post.

Just think – if you have 10 different ideas on how to use each headline below, that will give you 1030 new topics to write about – enough to keep you busy for a long time.

Blog Post Idea Generator – Write 10 Ideas for Each

  1. How doing ___ could make ___ far better/worse
  2. 5 Things you need to know when ____
  3. The most obnoxious ___
  4. How to avoid 7 costly mistakes that most ___ make when they ___
  5. Why ___ is a truly bad idea
  6. The 7 secrets of ___
  7. 3 easy ways to ___
  8. 2 lessons learned from ____
  9. The amazing power of ___
  10. ___: 5 Mistakes you’re about to make and how to avoid them
  11. My new favorite __ and why
  12. The facts about ___
  13. 4.5 Life lessons from a ___
  14. How to ___ like a pro
  15. The secret to ___ that___
  16. ___ of the week
  17. The quick and easy way to _____
  18. 3 Thoughts on ___ that ___
  19. ___ vs ___: Which is better?
  20. Why your ___ hates ___ and what to do about it
  21. 12 surprising ___ that cause ___
  22. What do ___ and ___ have in common?
  23. How to bring ___ to the ___
  24. 8 things I would do differently when ___
  25. Why ___ makes ___
  26. 10 things I wish I’d known about ___
  27. What’s wrong with your ___?
  28. How to ___ in no time at all
  29. My 5 top tips for ___
  30. 7 things you can learn about ___ from ___
  31. Surprising ___ that actually work
  32. The surprising reason why you need ___ NOW
  33. 3 Best ___ for ___
  34. How to avoid ___
  35. 7 Top ___ blog posts worth reading this week
  36. Weird ways to ___
  37. How to get the most out of ___
  38. 5 ___ that won’t drive you crazy
  39. How I ___
  40. What to do the next time ___ happens
  41. How to make ___
  42. 4 stupid mistakes I’ll never make again
  43. Should you get ___ or ___?
  44. The 3 best ___ – how to decide which one is best for you
  45. How not to ___ ever again
  46. The rebel’s guide to ___
  47. 10 radical ideas to ___
  48. Why I disagree with ___
  49. The worst ___ I ever experienced
  50. 7 Lessons learned from the worst ___ ever
  51. A surprising way to _____
  52. How I use ___ to ___
  53. Do this before you ___
  54. 4 ___ that actually work
  55. The ultimate guide to ___
  56. How to be a better ___
  57. 5 Things I learned from ___
  58. ___: Everything you need to know about ___
  59. Do you make these 10 mistakes when you ___?
  60. How to get more _____
  61. 6 Ways to ___ in 14 days
  62. The ___ trap that will ruin your business
  63. 12 books on ___ you must read
  64. The bootstrapper’s guide to ___
  65. Do you know what to look for when you buy your next___?
  66. From ___ to ___ in 8 easy steps
  67. 10 uses for a ___ that you never thought of
  68. Do you know how to ___? Take our quiz
  69. 4 Ways to do ___ with only a ___
  70. When it comes to ___, you’ve got to do THIS
  71. Let’s talk about ___
  72. 7 habits that can ___ for you
  73. New trends for 2019
  74. From the ___ experts: 33 tips that actually work
  75. Create your own ___. No ___ required
  76. 5 Tricks that ___
  77. What the best ___ know about ___ that you don’t
  78. How ___ causes ___
  79. All ___ is not created equal: What you need to know NOW
  80. 7 Reasons to never ___
  81. The best ___ ever and why
  82. The ugly truth about ___
  83. Why ___ get ___ wrong almost every time
  84. 3 Ways to finally stop ___
  85. How to prepare yourself for ___
  86. 5 lies we tell ourselves about ___
  87. The ___ no one wants to talk about
  88. Why I don’t do ___ and I’m proud of it
  89. 22 ___ experts/trends to watch in 2019
  90. 10 things the experts don’t tell you about ___
  91. The most surprising secret of ___
  92. So you want to ___? 7 things to know first
  93. The ultimate ___ quiz
  94. 7 Keys to ___
  95. How to create a killer ___
  96. The rise of ___ and what it means for you
  97. 33 ___ tips from 33 different ___ experts
  98. The top 11 blog posts about ___
  99. How to find out ___
  100. What ___ taught me about ___
  101. 8 myths about ___ that are ___
  102. The surprising dangers of ___
  103. 103 ___ brainstorming prompts/topics 😉

Create a $300 Training Program in 7 Days

…even if you’re the world’s worst procrastinator.

Create a $300 Training Program in 7 Days

I’ve used this technique to create all sorts of things, from a free bonus I put together and gave away for an affiliate product, all the way up to $1,000 training programs.

Creating content and products is a huge obstacle for most marketers because it takes so much time and effort.

But what if you had a way to create products – such as expensive training programs – that you could finish in a week?

And better still, what if you got paid for them before they were even done?

The first key is you need is a big, fat, public DEADLINE.

If your deadline is public, then you will move heaven and earth to get it done – or at least I hope you will.

If you don’t, you’re in for some major public ridicule and embarrassment, not to mention the fact that you are letting people down.

The second key here – and this goes hand in hand with the first – is you’re going to sell what you’re selling BEFORE it’s created.

You tell people what you’re creating, you tell them when it’s going to be done, and you sell it before you ever make it.

And in the case of a training program, you’re going to create your product LIVE and then continue to sell the recordings as a product after the event.

So, in a nutshell – decide what you’re selling. Tell the world what you’re selling and when it will take place, and take orders. Hold the live event, create the product and continue to sell it.

Here are the details:

This works best if you are already good at something. This way, you know the material and don’t need to do any research. If you need research, then you might need to add a day or two to this process or use this shortcut – bring in an expert.

If you’re using experts, then you can cover any topic. Or every topic. Because no matter what your topic is, there is someone out there that can do the actual teaching for you – you just split the profits with them.

For the rest of this article, we’ll assume you’re the one with the information.

Set a deadline, because with a deadline and a hundred or so people depending on you to get your work done, you will get the work done. It’s that simple. They’ve put their money on you, and they believe in you.

You will not let them down, which ensures the training course you’re making – which would normally be finished in a month or two – is completed in a week’s time.

Deadlines are magic this way, regardless of whether or not you naturally procrastinate. Without a deadline, your work expands to fill the time. This doesn’t necessarily mean a better product – it just means it takes longer to make.

You can be surprisingly nimble with this method, getting products out fast on hot topics and things people want right now.

Figure out what the big 5 to 7 things are that you want to cover. What are the big ideas? What are the giant take-aways?

Instead of writing a sales letter, write bullet points. Remember, you’re doing this FAST. Don’t write a giant sales letter, write the high points. Tell them what they’re going to discover and how it’s going to benefit them through bullet points. Use curiosity, too.

You’re going to do a webinar. Create a Powerpoint with an intro and all of the major points. Let people ask questions at the end, because some of your very best material will come from the questions, things you didn’t even think of.

Cut up your recording into parts and sell it as a course. You’ll have an intro, and each of the major points. You might also want to get it transcribed and then edit the transcription to give your customers a written copy, too.

Selling your course BEFORE you make it gives you a DEADLINE. You’re telling people when the live event will happen. You’re giving them a deadline, too, because they have to sign up before the deadline or they will miss the class.

Once you hold the class, upload the webinar into the members area and give access to everyone who bought. Some people will make it to the live event, some won’t, but they all get access to the recordings.

If there is something you feel you can do better, go ahead and record it again. Make a new recording of that section and replace it in the member’s section.

That’s the beauty of this system – you get it done fast, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you feel like it, you can go back and improve on it. And if you omitted something, make a new recording for that, too.

And what if you create a flop? That’s not even possible with this system. If you promote a product you’re going to create and no one buys, then you know not to waste your time making it.

Using this simple system, you get paid before you ever create your products, and you can crank products out faster than ever before. Plus, you can sell the recordings for a long time to come.

Just imagine if you create a new product every two weeks. In a year’s time you’ll have 26 new products you can continue to sell, repurpose, use as bonuses, sell the rights to and so forth. 26 new launches, 26 new products and 26 new revenue generators.

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