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What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Website Traffic?

I don’t necessarily like the word cheap as it pertains to website traffic. A better way to think of this might be what is the least expensive way to get website traffic?

Article marketing continues to be the best way to do this. The difference today is you not only write articles for article directories, but you also use them for blogs, email marketing, and video marketing.

You may spend a little money on some of the tools, but the actual writing and submitting of the articles does not cost you anything. We are not talking about writing lengthy articles either.

Depending on the article use you can write articles anywhere from 150 words to 400 words. Anyone can learn how to do this if they’re willing to take the time.

People find their way to your website through the resource box at the bottom of your article. When you write useful articles that help people, it’s reasonable to request people to visit your website and many of them will want to do that.

Starting a blog is a powerful form of social media. Converting articles into videos is another good idea.

For all these reasons article marketing continues to be the cheapest way to get a website traffic.

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