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TE Profits Review

About TE Profits
If you are trying to build a business online, your #1 problem is probably: How to get visitors (potential buyers) to your website. Because the money is in the list of your customers. Without enough traffic there will be no sales, and thus no business at all.

A lot of people try to build their traffic and their list with traffic exchange that’s normally free to use. But at the same time it’s also a very time consuming method. Therefore it may be exciting for you, as it was for me, to discover a turnkey marketing system: TE Profits that you can set up to make your traffic exchange effective and profitable – on auto pilot. Read this Free Traffic Report to get informed what it’s all about.

How does it work?
TE Profits (TEP) is a viral traffic- and listbuilding system you can use regardless of what business or program you are promoting. Even if you are on a tight budget, here is a proven formula to turn your traffic into positive cash flow while building your business. As the founder of TEP, Scott Doouglas claims: Here is “Your easy way to profit with traffic exchanges”.

With built-in funded proposal the TEP system allows you to start making profit up-front, before spending money out of your own pocket. Later on you may invest a part of the earned income in growing your business even more, as fast as you can afford. All the tools and instructions needed are available here.

The most critical parts of the TE Profits marketing system is the free traffic report and the lead capture pages, tied to the Traffic Wave autoresponder. The Free Traffic Report is an ebook that describes in details, what TE Profits is all about. You can give it away to everyone, who might be interested in building a profitable business with free traffic and lead generation. And who is not? As a member you’ll have that report branded with you own affiliate links to all the great programs (referral builders) used and promoted in the TEP system. Each copy given away is thus automatically building your downline (referrals) in all these programs (income sources).

In order for TEP to fully automate the process of converting the free traffic flow to real cash flow, there is a whole arsenal of splash and squeeze pages available to build your list. All you need to do is to set up your own lead capture page and autoresponder account, that follow up with your prospects and bring them to the traffic report that makes the sales. A high-converting series of follow-up messages are already written, free to apply on your account.

Once your system is set up, you are ready to launch your marketing, just by promoting your splash pages and squeeze pages in your favorite traffic exchanges. The automated system takes over from there. Every time someone joins one of the core programs contained in the traffic report, you receive a new referral in that program. When someone upgrades in one of these programs, you’ll get paid!

TE Profits Review

Training and Support
TEP has a comprehensive training section with a lot of relevant articles, including a blueprint to earning $20 per hour and more with traffic exchanges. As a member you may also join a great Support Forum, giving access to reliable information when you need it. Normally the pages in the members area is quite clear and self-explanatory.

Costs vs Benefits
The initial cost for joining TEP is zero. You can choose to be a free member or upgrade for a modest one-time fee. Free members can upgrade to Pro for just $27 or to Partner for $47.
There is naturally a higher commisssion and several other advantages for upgraded members, and the cost is definitely small in relation to all the benefits.
Additionally you’ll also need to set up your own Traffic Wave autoresponder, if you want to use the pre-built lead capture pages. That’s $17.95 a month, because Traffic Wave is an integral component of the TEP marketing system. But the expense may soon be changed into profit, as TEP is a powerful ‘downline builder’ for Traffic Wave.

Pros et Cons
In my experience the TEP is one of the most valuable programs I have ever joined. And I have exposed in this TE Profits Review that it’s hard for me to say anything but positive about it.
If I finally must say something negative, it’s just to blame myself, that I didn’t use the TEP to its full potential until now. That’s foolish, and I ‘ll try in the future to treat TEP as it deserve.

I would like to close this TE Profits Review with a lesson I have learned from Scott Douglas: Traffic generation should always be the 1st priority in your marketing effort!
Having enough traffic you can use it to promote whatever you want in your primary business. Without the traffic and leads you need, you are getting nowhere. Traffic is the foundation of any business.
Read the Free Traffic Report on how to secure the foundation of your future business!

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