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Power List Marketing Review

Whatever you are doing on the net, your first priority should be to build your list. Because the money is in the list, as all marketers know. The ability to build and maintain a list may be the difference in success or failure. Therefore I was immediately fascinated by the Power List Marketing. A program that automatically can help everyone to build a list very fast, they say. Whether you have a list or not, you can use this tool to start building a super sized list that most people are only dreaming about. This Power List Marketing Review may help you to find out, whether this tool is a must have for you too.  
What is Power List Marketing?  
It’s all about list building, as I already said. And thus it may be an important tool for everybody working on the internet. It was created by a well-known marketer, Walter Bayliss, and not surprising it’s recognized as one of the best tools available to build a list for free. The ultimate solution for thousands of online marketers. 

Power List Marketing Review
Main Features and Benefits 
The main benefits of the Power List Marketing system (PLM) are  

1) The power of building your list on auto pilot.  
By adding an optin form to every single link you ever advertise, you can literally suck people onto your personal list from every site you know of: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Ebay and anywhere that people click. You can use this site to advertise anything at all. And every opportunity you are marketing online is a source of leads for you. Within the system you can set up a link to whatever you want to advertise, and every time your PLM links are clicked on, you earn credit and free advertising!

2) The secret sales weapon called “success pages”.
That is full page adds shown to thousands of people as they opt in to lists. The views of these pages is dependent on how many credits you have. You earn credit by getting clicks on your links, and huge credit multiplier is available by referring other people. So the more you promote your PLM links, the quicker your lists will grow, and the more your success pages will be shown.

3) The built in mailing system.
This is a credit based mailer that allows you to send an email message every few days to your list or to random downline members. Even as a free member you can mail out to hundreds of people. Upgraded members can use the mailer more often and send out their messages to thousands of random members. There are more than 20.000 members on the mail list in Power List Marketing.

Training and Support 
In my opinion the support system is just as brilliant as the the entire PLM, including a comprehensive arsenal of video and PDF tutorials for every section of the program. Also the support desk is very responsive, when you need to ask a question. Normally it’s all quite simple and easy to use.
Costs vs Benefits
The cost to join this great system is unbelievable: Zero. So it’s totally free to give it a try. 
For a modest amount (about $10 a month) it’s possible to upgrade your membership and multiply the benefits. I think it’s no doubt more than worth it!

Pros et Cons 
The most positive aspect of PLM is that it’s a viral lead generating system. You can just set up your list, your links and pages and then forget about it. The system is running virtually on auto pilot. 
Negative I can only think about PLM as a little addictive. I am getting bound to the system, as it’s in my best interest to use my power list links whenever I am promoting something, and so always building my lists. 

Personal Conclusion 
I my opinion the PowerListMarketing is a must have traffic and list building resource. And I would  like to conclude this Power List Marketing Review by recommending this powerful tool to every serious marketer. Do yourself a favor and join the Power List Marketing as you can for $0.

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