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3 Different Ways to Make Money from ClickBank

If you are engaged in affiliate marketing you will probably know about ClickBank, the leading retailer for digital products. Here is the #1 market place whether you are looking to sell or buy or just to promote some info product.

Searching ClickBank you can find nearly any marketing tool or program you may need for running a profitable home business. But do you also know about the great home income opportunities to find here? This article intends to give a short introduction and make you aware of different ways to make money from Clickbank.

The easy way is just to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate and get started right away, even without having your own website. It only takes a few minutes to set up your ClickBank account, and being an affiliate is totally free.
Once logged in as a member you will have access to the entire marketplace, with thousands of great products for sale. Then you can simply search the categories of your interest to find a product you would like to promote, push a button to get your unique refferal link (a so-called “hoplink”), and you are ready to start promoting and earning commission (up to 75%) on every sale. It can’t be much easier to make money at home.

The better way to make money from ClickBank is promoting and selling the chosen product on your own website. You can do that just by uploading the HTML code of the hoplink to your site. That code is easy to find within your ClickBank account. In the affiliate help center you will also find a lot of detailed advice and tutorial on how to promote your favorit ClickBank product. And no need to say – once you have succeeded with one product you may start promoting another one, making even more money with ClickBank.

The best way to make money is probably to set up a separate ClickBank portal site, like a webstore with a search box, that allows you to promote the entire marketplace with just one link. This way you are helping your customers to search among all of the best selling programs and find exactly what they are looking for. And whatever they are buying, you will get a high commission on each and every sale – paid directly into your PayPal account.

If you too want to set up your own ClickBank Mall, you will discover several options available. It’s just to search the ClickBank marketplace, buy the product you prefer and go ahead. But how do you find out which one is the best choice?

So you may find it helpful to read a ClickBank Mall Review I have written recently. It’s all about the ClickBank Mall that once was introduced as the first of its kind. It has been around for several years now but is still a recognized and reputable program, ranking high at Clickbank and Google. In my opinion it’s without a doubt the best tool available to make money from ClickBank. Go visit our Home Income Guide to get started right away.

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