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Different Types of Income from Affiliate Marketing

Did you realize how many Income Opportunities you’ll have as an Affiliate Marketer on the Internet? Let’s just take a quick look at Five Types of Income from Affiliate Marketing.

1. Start your own affiliate program. This may be a little intimidating if you are first starting out. However, making money on the sales of affiliates in your program is a way to make a lot of money.

Some people choose to start by selling digital information through ClickBank and letting them handle the administrative duties of their affiliate program.

2. Sell products. You can sell digital products or physical products. You will never run out of products to sell with the millions of affiliate programs online. Check out Amazon.com for a wide array of physical products to sell or ClickBank for digital information products.

3. Get leads. You do this by joining cost per action programs. There are actually people earning six and seven figure incomes per year with these type of programs.

4. Pay per click. Join Google Adsense and drive traffic to web pages you put their ads on. Because you are not selling anything this is easy money.

5. Two Tier programs. There are programs that will pay you to sell their products and recruit affiliates to sell products as well.

You earn a larger commission on your personal sales, but you also earn commission on the sales of your personal recruits.

These are five types of affiliate marketing income. Doing one or more of these is an excellent way to make money on the Internet today.

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