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Free Targeted Traffic Is Still Very Good Traffic

As an Internet marketer we sometimes view the word free as a bad thing for our business. In reality it can be good for your business.

For example, free targeted traffic is still excellent Internet traffic to have. The key thing here is that the website traffic you are developing is targeted. How you go about getting that traffic without spending money to do it is a skill worth learning.

1. Article marketing. It does not cost you any money to write and submit articles on the Internet. Many Internet marketers choose to get started this way because it is something they can do without going into debt.

There is a skill to doing Internet marketing the right way. This is something you will have to learn.

The only way to do that is to write a lot of articles and this does take time. That is the trade off you will be doing as opposed to spending money on advertising.

The great thing about article marketing is you can include a resource box at the end of every article you write. Think of this as a short classified ad where you get to sell your reader on something about yourself or your product.

In the resource box you will want to include a link to your website. This is how you get targeted traffic from article marketing. People who click on that link want to do so because they are interested in more information from you based on the quality of the article you have written.

2. Blogging. Writing and posting short blog articles is another way to develop targeted traffic.

One strategy here is to include an RSS feed subscription button on your blog so people can subscribe to receive more information from you in the future.

Every time you make an update on your blog they will be notified about it. This is a good way to get targeted traffic without spending any money. People who subscribe to your RRS feed are interested in keeping in touch with you and they are great targeted website traffic.

There are many other ways to free website traffic. Go here to download an ebook on: HowToGetFreeTraffic.

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