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Do you want to Study Dotcomology?

Dotcomology is The Science of Making Money Online and a must-read Basic Book, written by the top guy in this field, Stone Evans, and free to download now.

In this groundbreaking guide book he is teaching all the professional secrets, the dotcomology you may need to know:

– How to determine which businesses are succeeding online and why this is so.

– How to use expired domains to build traffic to your website incredibly fast.

– How to modify an existing website to make it more attractive and effective.

– The steps you must take to achieve high ranking in the major search engines.

– How to develop an effective backlink strategy to increase your search rankings quickly and effectively.

– How to use Google AdWords to quickly generate profits from your online offer.

– How to optimize your website to gain trust from your visitors.

– The best ways you can develop text links and online classifieds ads to increase your income.

– Tips to begin and grow an affiliate program of your own.

– How to build a very large and responsive email mailing list.

– Best ways to utilize pay-per-click search engines for massive results. There are many other options other than Google Adwords!

– How often should you email to your list and how should your emails be structured for maximum results.

– Learn how to launch your own blog quickly and added income potential.

– How you can attract super affiliates who will want to promote your programs for maximum profitability.

– And Much More…

Many of the so called Gurus have charged many hundreds if not thousands of dollars for much of the same information you’ll receive in Stone’s book for free. The information summarized above is invaluable.

However there is also a great deal of additional tools and resources included such as:

1. Free web authoring and design software. Why pay hundreds of dollars to design your own web when you can use these tools for free? These are terrific design resources.

2. A variety of terrific website plugins and formatting tools you may use extensively.

3. Formatting tools to help to make your emails look more professional and achieve outstanding results.

4. A variety of research tools including a simple to use spell checker, thesaurus, and web page keyword density checker.

5. Access to a free office suite which rivals the Microsoft Office platform for features and performance. This includes a word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation program.

6. Access to an effective spyware removal program

I think all the information and dotcomology contained in this ebook is invaluable, so I encourage you to take advantage of the free download right away.

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