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Article marketing is a great method to promote your Internet Business. Here are three tips to get started with article marketing made easy.

1. Write interesting articles. An interesting article is one that serves a specific purpose for the reader.

With Internet articles you do not need to write them as long as you might in other forms of writing. These articles can be as short as 250 words and really do not need to be any longer than 400-500 words.

If you focus on a specific theme that your reader would find interesting, you will find writing this length of articles is not hard to do.

2. Create a well written resource box. This is where the reader can go to find out more information about you.

You want to give specific instructions to your reader. This will include clicking on a link that leads to your website.

Looking at resource boxes of expert offers in article directories is a good way to come up with ideas for your own well written resource box.

3. Submit to the top article directories. You can Google search to find out what the top article directories are, but you only need to get your articles into a handful of these on a regular basis to really benefit from article marketing.

The top directories are the ones that people go to the most, and the search engines spider on a regular basis.

If you follow these three tips you will find article marketing is easier to do and you can benefit more from it.

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