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Welcome to HanMark’s Affiliate Marketing Blog

HanMark’s Affiliate Marketing Blog is all about information, help and guidance for the home business entrepreneur who wants to build a residual income with affiliate marketing.

HanMark is a private and home based consultancy, run by Rev. Viggo Joergensen in Denmark.
Our mission is to help other home business entrepreneurs to make their living at home.

HanMark’s Affiliate Marketing Guide is our website, updated and hosted now at WordPress. Going here you’ll get all the professional help and tutorial you need to start up with our favorit income system – proven to be the most profitable source for residual income from home.

With the present blog we are going to supplement the info that’s already available on our website and keep you updated with the latest news, tips and income at home reviews.

Reading the articles posted here you will surely find an answer or solution to the most urgent questions you are struggling with:

1) Witch are the best affiliate programs to rely and build on?
2) How to get started, set up as a professional business online?
3) How to make money as a professional, with growing residual income every day?

About these and related topics we’ll be posting here, whenever we have relevant informations, tips or recommendations for our readers.

If you too are searching or struggling for a better income from home, you will want to come back to this affiliate marketing blog – maybe to pick up the golden piece of advice or review you need to finally start building the home income you want. No need to struggle alone anymore!

About Hanmark

Viggo Joergensen is a professional home business advisor and leading contributor at Home Business Ideas where we highly recommend the Plug-In Profit Site for new and aspiring online marketers to start a successful online business in the easiest and fastest way possible. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us here.
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