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Affiliate Income Streams

Let’s talk about three ideas you can follow to create affiliate income streams.

1. Monetized blogs with Google Adsense. Google has an affiliate program that pays you commissions when people click on ads they provide for you.

You build blogs and get as many pages developed as possible. The more ads you have the more potential money you can make.

There are people who earn 6 and 7 figure incomes with this one affiliate income stream.

2. 2-tier affiliate programs. Some affiliate marketing opportunities will pay you to make sales, and to recruit people to make sales.

Think of this as building your own sales force. You can develop a nice income stream from this whenever affiliates underneath your make sales even on days when you don’t make a sale yourself.

3. CPA programs. Getting leads for advertisers is big business. There are many people earning seven-figure incomes strictly with cost per action programs.

The more campaigns you have going for you the more affiliate income streams you will develop. These are quick to set up and you can be very mobile to respond with what is going on in the marketplace. Google Trends is a good place to go to come up with ideas for your next campaign.

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