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Your Home Business – The Little Red Engine that Could

No doubt you have heard about the children’s book, ‘The Little Red Engine That Could’ written in the 1930s. If not, the crux of the whole matter is the little train struggling along to haul a huge load of cars and merchandise and as it goes it keeps repeating while it chugs along: “ I think I can, I think I can”.

keep on trucking!

So obviously in motivational literature this book is quoted many times because it shows the determination and strength necessary to stay focused and to ‘keep on trucking’. We will always just about anywhere in this life, no matter what we do, encounter obstacles and difficulties. If we allow them to become our focus then they will prevent us from doing many things we would otherwise accomplish in spite of them.

It’s as if it is some sort of right of passage that we have to struggle. Why? To prove we really want something enough to fight f

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Social Networking as an Online Business Strategy

There are lots of different connotations of the concept of networking. They all seem to be slightly, if not directly related, while being just a bit different. Before ‘Y2K’ and ‘Web2.0’ networking was touted as an effective way to do business in the sense of finding the best jobs or clients etc. In particular it […]

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What Are Your Whys?

What are Whys? Whys are the reasons you want to do something. It is important to remember your Whys because they will help to keep you motivated. It is not always easy to start a business especially if you are working a full-time job, have family responsibilities and little ‘extra’ money to work with.


Your Why could be that you want to give your family more than you are able to with just your day job. Your Why could be that you know you are capable of doing more than you are doing now and you enjoy the feeling of gratification or satisfaction when you accomplish more. So both of those sound ‘optional’ or would be categorized as ‘it would be nice’.

Then there may be a Why that is just a driving wish like a new fancy car, a new house or a luxury vacation. These can certainly represent strong Whys but again, they are optional. It all depends on how much you really want

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The Home Office – What is Ergonomics?

“Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work. The goal of ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries and disorders associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture, and repeated tasks.” http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/ergonomics/

sit straight!

What is becoming more and more evident are warnings about the dangers of sitting for long hours. Some of us can’t help it as we sit at computers or desks doing our jobs. However there are ways to mitigate the situation if we will listen to people who tell us to get up and move around at least every hour. This gets your circulation going, and relieves the pressure on your back from being in the same position for long periods.

If you are in denial about this because you don’t feel any pain, it is more than vague ‘back aches’ etc., it is

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Preparing Your Business for the New Year

Part of the preparation for the new year, of course is to close out the old year first. Especially for tax purposes you should be as organized as you can about everything. Even though taxes are not due until April the year actually ends December 31 and begins anew January 1. Don’t get caught off-guard with the April 15 deadline looming and then start scrambling around to find things.

pay the piper!

Particularly since we are talking about possible tax deductions that you can claim for your business expenses, that might make it seem a little bit more palatable to keep track of your expenditures as well as your income. You absolutely want to be able to document every penny you claim in case of an audit. They may be rare but they are always possible when you are self-employed and it will take you many years to live it down if you fail an audit.

It really helps to print out the previous

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Keep it Real With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Just like your target goals, if you make them unrealistically high, you will do nothing but disappoint and discourage yourself when it is not possible to meet your expectations. This surely does not engender the motivation you need to develop a business. Keep your goals and resolutions doable. Think logically rather than to ‘shoot for the moon’.

keep it real!

There will be obstacles in any new endeavor and there will be times when you can’t see any results yet. This is just such a time when your awareness that you have not met your goals will start to weigh on you. You need to arm yourself with coping mechanisms like being realistic, that will allow you to stay positive no matter what it looks like.

One important thing to remember is it is not about one campaign or one weekend of working to promote your business. It is about being consistent over time. Although it is

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Go to Play Not to Work

There is a new commercial on TV and it is actually from a technical college where someone earned a BS degree and is now able to repair electronic devices. Ho hum until he says, “I just love what I do and my wife says I am not going to work but going to play!” Now that stuck!

love what u do

That is actually a great way to look at things and is very relevant to the idea that we do best what we enjoy doing. This is especially important with a home business when you are starting out and have a full-time day job as well as any number of family and other responsibilities. Would somebody in their right mind add more to do if it either wasn’t necessary or wasn’t fun?

Being necessary never makes anything fun because we are forced to do it rather than choose to do it because we like it. If you can look at your home business start-up as a hobby and maybe by some stretch of the ima

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Focus is the Only Way to Achieve Balance

It is very difficult to really achieve true balance in your life. Stuff always happens and you may find that that your perfect plan is being bent out of shape constantly. While your home business should be a top priority, obviously your family or any unexpected emergency would take precedence. As well if you are still also working at a day job that would be very important in the scheme of things.

stay focused!

If you have created a real schedule or plan that indicates what hours it is your intention to devote to your home business, then you should try very hard not to procrastinate or push it forward because it is the only one of your top priorities that you really control and can consider ‘flexible’. Ironically the time you spend online can be some of the hardest time to remain focused.

There are a million and one things that vie for your attention online, the minute you log

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E-Commerce Possibilities for a Home Business

If you have a reasonably up-to-date computer with a decent (reliable, fast as possible) Internet connection, then you have the foundation for starting a business at home. There are other necessary components that are mostly intangible like being consistently motivated and having the discipline to work at your business as a priority just as you would a job.

e-commerce for home business

Now if you have the two main bases covered, all you need to determine is which kind of a business you might want to develop online. If you really have no idea, then perform a search on Google for ‘business opportunities’ and you will be overwhelmed with the number of links that will display. Pick the ones that sound the best and research them further.

Once you have determined one or more avenues that you wish to explore, then you will need a plan. In your plan you need to determine your resourc

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Internet Marketing Business Success

The right mindset is probably the most significant skill to cultivate if you want to succeed with an Internet marketing business. Successful marketers seem not to pay any attention to negativity and almost seem to be in denial sometimes. The point is why waste time and energy on anything that is not conducive to business? This is what you call true focus.

internet marketing success

Successful Internet marketers realize sometimes they have to work hard if they want to achieve a goal. They learn effective techniques and they use them consistently. They are aware of the frequent changes in the industry and do not hesitate to incorporate new ideas and trends into their marketing strategy.

Serious Internet business entrepreneurs realize that there is no magic or gimmick that will ever replace them being engaged in their business. They know even ‘autopilot’ requires their attentio

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