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Don’t Let Your Home Based Business Be a Time Trap

The reasons people express for wanting to work from home are many and varied, but most home based business owners cite the ability to set their own hours as a major factor in their decision to work at home. However, many people that have work at home businesses often fall into a trap that flies directly in the face of their stated desire for time flexibility.

escape from the office!

The strong growth in home based business activity continues and according to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, fifty-two percent of ALL small businesses are home-based. Some home based business owners have been known to become “workaholics” because their office is so accessible. Don’t become a slave to your business…get out of your home office regularly to renew and revitalize yourself.

Close the door to your office or otherwise remove yourself fro

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Work At Home – Free Programs

Millions of people are looking for ways to create additional income to help pay the bills. Others want to get rid of their day job and work from the comfort of home. There are hundreds of work at home programs to choose from. Some are free to join and others charge a minimal fee. If you do your research before jumping in it should be relatively easy to find a program that can work for you.

free wah programs

The major difference between paid work from home programs and free programs is the organized information you receive. If you are very familiar with the Internet and have a lot of time to spend researching programs and reading forums, then it is a bit more likely you can start you work at home endeavor for free.

If you are short on time more than money, it may be worth it to invest a few dollars in yourself to find out what you need to know. For example, minimal charge (normally

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The Proof of the Pudding is in the e-Mail

E-mails can be very intriguing. The first e-mail can make you extremely curious to know more, especially if it says briefly and succinctly something really tantalizing yet mysterious, such as an offer to ‘make you several thousand dollars in only two months’.

email money

No doubt you will receive quite a few of these communications each and every week and you will either pursue this by responding to ask for more information directly or clicking a link to get more details – or you will say ‘no thanks, this isn’t something I would be interested in’.

On the one hand people may like emails that are long and give as many details (and selling points) as possible, but then on the other hand, when it is short and sweet it may prompt a reply just out of curiosity if nothing else. The next message you receive may invite you to a webinar or phone call, et

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Starting A Home Based Business – When The Going Gets Tough!

Starting any business is rich with excitement and anxiety. This is especially true when stepping into a home based business. All the questions about doing everything right and if I’ll be successful are in every business owners mind when first starting up. The big difference between a home based business startup and a regular or more “formal” business startup is the comfort level in your own home can work against you actually getting anything done.

stay focused

Going into a store or an office focuses attention on the things that need to be done that day. Many typically have those “to-do” lists that outline the goals and objectives of the day. In a home based business however, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not separating the business or work part of your life and the home and family part. The sofa or chair where you watch television is right in the

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Small Business Funding – Reach Into Your Own Pockets!

Every business has start-up costs and your new home-based business will be no different. As the old saying goes “You need money to make money”. That may be true to some degree but there are many ways you can help yourself. You will find working online is way less expensive than most other business models.

funding your business

So where do you get the money you need to start a home business? The simplest way for home business owners to get the money they need is from the principal owner’s own pockets. That means YOU! Many work at home entrepreneurs simply use their own savings to fund their businesses, and/or use money from personal resources such as…

* Savings
* Squirreling away a little money from income you have coming in
* Sacrificing entertainment, travel, clothes or toys 50%
* Personal Investments
* Credit Card Advance (not a great idea)

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Mentoring Shortens Your Learning Curve

Joining the multitudes of the newbies who need a little guidance to get started in the right direction, the best way to secure information that will help you is with a mentor that cares. Take the time to find one or more and learn as much as you can from them. With their help you may greatly shorten the learning curve and you will be off to the and running faster! You can actually learn from someone else’s mistakes as well as their experience.

find a mentor

Making money online will require you to get the tools you need to organize yourself and get your site ready for the traffic you will send to it. Don’t get lost on the superhighway of the web. You will have to do lots of things to get yourself and your site branded. Just putting up a website and forgetting the advertising and promotion will not bring you customers. Starting out with a business on a shoestring will only mak

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Keep It Simple And Make A Ton Of Money!

By now I am sure you have heard about the “KISS” principle (Keep It Short and Simple). The best approach in any business is to keep things simple. If you focus on the simple things that have worked for others, you will make a killing in just about any market. Here are some simple things you can do to be successful in a home based business.


You need to capture the names and emails of your website visitors and email them continuously. Any person who knows anything about marketing online knows that the money is in the list. I bet you’ve heard that a million times. That is because it works.

Yet, if you look around at many sites in different markets you’ll see that there are many people who still do not have an email signup form on their sites. If they do have a signup form, they usually have the form tucked away in some little corner where no one sees it.

If y

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How Virtual Assistants Can Get Clients Online

Virtual Assistants (or VAs) perform many different tasks for their clients. They do everything from proofreading to helping their clients provide great customer service, to web site design and maintenance, to setting up webinars and sending out newsletters, running SEO campaigns, and much more.

get help!

Since virtual assistants perform all these tasks from their own offices, a virtual assistant business is a perfect business to promote online. Here are the top 5 tips to consider, whether you are just starting a new virtual assistant practice or you are a seasoned VA:

– Find A Target Market For Your Virtual Assistant Business. Too many virtual assistants who are just starting their own businesses take on everyone as their target market. While it might be tempting to say that everyone is your target market, finding a smaller target market will help you create a better ma

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How to Create a Successful Web-Based Business

If you now have reached the point in your business development that you have your ads running nicely, you will need to monitor traffic on your site. A few important factors to keep in mind are as follows:

* How long does a visitor stay on your site?
* What percentage of your visitors browse your site only?
* What conversions are you getting from each landing page?
* Unique visitors versus repeat visitors


A part of the cycle that is very important to understand is that you want your keywords to bring visitors to the specific landing page that highlights what they are looking for. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what you would be looking for if you typed a particular keyword in a search engine such as Google and give it to them. If they want to look around afterward, that’s wonderful, but our goal is to get them to what they want qui

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Earn Money Online With Google!

Many people are turning to the Internet to create an Online Home Based Web Business. You see searches being done daily on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or many of the others for web-based business that can be done with little or minimal startup expense. There are many types of Web Based Business to choose from. You will find businesses such as Online Jewelry Stores, Online Dollar Stores and many more. The choices are there for someone who wants to take on this very exciting endeavor.

pay per click

In doing some research one can easily see that many of the online programs use (PPC) Paid Per Click advertising from Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others to bring customers to their online business. Once you setup these campaigns properly you can filter out the Internet traffic so that you get customers that are looking for what you have to offer. Why bring people to your si

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