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Starting an Internet Marketing Business – Don’t Rush

If you were baking a cake and the recipe said “bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour”, what do you think the cake would be like if you decided 30 minutes was long enough? A mess? Nothing like what you would expect the cake to look like? Gooey? Flat?

Well the same principle should be applied to starting a new business. It’s going to take some time, even if you have a program that does all the setting up for you. Even if you use paid advertising. Even if you have foolishly speculated with your rent money or otherwise over-extended yourself financially.

This is one element that causes people to rush. It is understandable that if you are paying membership fees and have other monthly maintenance costs that you want to see a return on your investment. However, no matter what, it is going to take as much time as it takes. Nobody can say when it will start to produce results. Of course that is largely dependent on how much time and effort you are willing to inve

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Starting a New Business: Is it True that You Can’t Fail Unless You Quit?

If you think about this saying ‘you can’t fail unless you quit’, you will see that it is very true. A person who quits has obviously given up trying to reach their goal. They will make no more effort on their own behalf and are thereby accepting defeat. When they really quit they will feel temporarily relieved because they don’t need to worry about it anymore. This may be a good step to seeing their way clear to start over.

A person who won’t quit, no matter what, will keep trying to succeed. They will either learn new strategies to promote their business, or may consult with others for advice and direction. Some will need to completely ‘regroup’ before they start over. Many people may take a break to get their bearings and make a decision as to whether they will continue to try or will actually quit. Sometimes that is all that is necessary to turn it around, for example if someone has possibly gotten too stressed out in the ac

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Navigating the Internet – Web 2.0 Style

Back in the day when the newly emerging Internet marketing environment was rumored, there were many theories on what all would be involved. We heard about ‘social networking’ rather than forums and ‘interactive’ sites rather than just blogs. Sounded like more chat clients with live responses for consumers and more online advertising mediums with ‘feeds’, ‘hubs’ and ‘lenses’ rather than just article marketing directories.

Sure PCs were getting bigger and faster all along so there didn’t seem to be any difference one could attribute to ‘Web 2.0′, although there were stories about ‘web PCs’ – and then we got the ‘clouds’ which fit together nicely with PCs that don’t do anything but connect to the Internet and hence do not need storage capacity.

At the same time, increasingly everybody walking down the street was talking on the phone; people shouldn’t b

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Keeping Your Irons in the Fire – Internet Marketing Part-Time

For some of us it is not feasible or maybe even imaginable to earn our living from home. It is a huge step and ‘culture shock’ when we have spent our working lives tied to one or more corporations. We may have been accustomed to a job that provided health insurance benefits, holiday and sick pay, cost of living increases, retirement “pension” and/or 401k etc, and maybe the possibility for ‘advancement’.

The days when we could depend on a job including all of those benefits or in fact even being a stable situation have long gone, what with going ‘global’ and outsourcing, off-shoring, mergers, workforce reductions and bankruptcy. However many jobs today still have some or all of those promises that ‘self-employment’ does not include. In fact when you are starting a business you may not only not have holiday and sick pay, you may be working long hours without pay until you get it going on track!

Obviously thi

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How to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best if not THE best way to start a home business if you have no experience, because there is minimal technical knowledge required as well as expense and time necessary. You can more or less join a program and get started on the same day. All that is required is a computer and an Internet connection – and a strong will to succeed.

This is not to say that this is all that will ever be required because the above only gets you to square one. The point is that you do not need to spend years learning how to build a website, create your own product and a membership program, determine price points, etc. The affiliate program has done all that is required to begin, and will also provide customer service for your customers.

If they are a really good program, they will also provide free training so that you can learn how to market and promote your affiliate business. They may even provide some of the basic tools for an online busines

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Home Business Start-Up – Self-Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you think you can, you probably can, and if you think you can’t you are probably right”? It’s not just a catchy little rhyme and you should seriously think about what it is saying. We really can limit ourselves when we believe that we can’t do something, we don’t know enough, we can’t afford it, we don’t have time, or that we always fail. After all why even try if we already (think) we know that we can’t do it? So we won’t; or we will quit trying.

On the other side of the same coin, if we really believe that we can do something – even if we don’t know how – we become determined to do just what we really want to do. When we encounter obstacles they won’t become a permanent barrier, but merely some detail that needs to be resolved. Depending on how important the issue is to us we will take various steps to arrive at the conclusion we want and believe we c

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Home Business – Staying in the Game

Sometimes our lives take sudden turns and we have to take detours. Some examples may be that we had thought that we had X number of hours to devote to our business when we started out and then our hours at our day job increased; Or our financial picture may change where we have seen something increase in cost and now we don’t have as much to use for operating our business; Or we have had a full-time job and been building our home business slowly, part-time and we find out that the day job will be ending and we need to find another full-time position right away.

Ideally we would be able to devote more time to our home business and make that our primary source of income. The point is that either way, no matter what, don’t quit. If your plan was to do it one way, don’t give up just because your plan has to change when life gets in the way! Make a new plan, go a different way. The point is not to make your home business expendable. Would you just throw your

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Fence Sitters: Thinking About Starting an Internet Business?

The key to everything is taking action. While things usually start with a thought or idea, somebody has to do something to make them happen! We should first analyze our situation – why do you think you want to start a business from home? Likely it has to do with money. However there are other intangibles that could be causing you to think about starting your own business.

For example maybe you are in a rut at work, wish you had a different job, know you could do more and you want to be more interested and invested in what you are doing; maybe you would like to be with your family more, or are bored with staying at home to take care of kids or others. While this is very important, you don’t find it particularly stimulating mentally; or for many reasons when you have looked for a job you were over or under qualified, didn’t agree with some ideologies of the company, or weren’t ‘politically’ connected and/or just didn’t fit in.

Maybe through years of tr

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Starting Up a Home-Based Business – Having a Successful Mindset

Will we do the work when we are our own boss? What’s more will we keep working diligently if we are not being paid? Will we be able to keep investing our resources and assets into our business for an extended period without seeing any return on our investment (yet)?

What if that is what is necessary and while not glamorous enough to be called ‘the magic sauce’, it is exactly what makes the difference between those who eventually have a reliable income from their home business and those who give up after a few months and have to get another job.

Somewhere along the line – maybe their next job – they will realize that they will need to dig deeper to get to the place where they have the discipline and the focus to ‘pay the dues’ (do the work); and to spend the time to learn how to do what is necessary to grow from each experience.

Whether or not your home business is a successful business this time or not, you made progress just because you tried &#8

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Starting an Online Business – It is All About Mindset

Let’s compare and try to guess which one is the winner.

Mr. Positive gets up every morning with a warrior attitude. He is out to conquer whatever he has to do to get through the day. He is confident in himself and in what he is doing. In this case he knows he has some work to do to promote his business. He has a little list of things that he does so that he can focus on the tasks at hand. With a list he knows he is less likely to get lost in space. Some of the tasks he is not crazy about doing, maybe wishes he could pay someone to do it, but since he can’t, he gets those out of the way first.

When he is done with his list then he is ever in search of more techniques that he can add to his strategy. He goes to a search engine and he starts to research – he has heard about various things that are popular right now. He reads the reviews and analyzes whether or not it is worth trying something new. He knows he will have to give it some time to work once he i

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